Concepting, design and illustration of Sport Relief 2016 nursery fundraising pack. Shown here are the nursery pack materials, showcasing the nursery fundraising guide with the use of Aardman's 'Timmy' from 'Timmy Time'.

As 2016 was Sport Relief's year we focussed on creating materials for nurseries to have "Shimmy with Timmy Time" and getting little ones on the move to raise money for Comic Relief. Also showcased here is an example of a DM postcards to get nurseries downloading our free fundraising pack. As well as the nursery story poster which depicts the life of Jinnat, from Dhaka in Bangladesh. This poster helps to teach little ones what life can be like for a child like Jinnat compared to that of a child in the UK and in turn helps little ones to understand why they might want to fundraise for charity. I have also shown an example of teachers downloadable PDFs with an illustration portraying Jinnat's life now that she can go to school, through Comic Relief funding.

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